A Giveaway that I MUST WIN

SO you know how I talked about giveaways? Well I found one that I WANT to MUST win.

These are SO cute. I love them. I think that they would look fantastic in my house.


Mom, they also remind me a lot of you-but don't enter because I want to win (ok just kidding, a little)

the To ENTER the Red Letter Word GIVEAWAY you must:

1. Become a Strawberry Cake Follower! http://luvstrawberrycake.blogspot.com/

And follow the directions on her site.

SO CUTE. Yay....

And she also did a REALLY cool cookbook challenge that I LOVE, because I love PW too.
Read her blog.

1 comment:

  1. AWESOME! thanks for the post...I will give you 5 extra entries! Good Luck!