Crazy Times

Since this week is going to be a whirlwin of activities: Work, meetings, working out, traveling and such....

I thought that I might blog today and then we will see how much time I have to blog this week.

The snow is starting to melt. It has been in the high 30's this week. Which is FANTASTIC. I love it. Happy that the kitties can sunbathe in the living room, and I don't have to wear too many layers to go out and about. I am working right now. It is Sunday, but I still have catch up to do, and Dru is at work. So I thought that working was the best plan for me today. Take some stress out of my week if at all possible.

I have a weird taste in my mouth when I eat. Whevever I eat ANYTHING. I don't know what it is. And maybe it is a good diet tool. But it is a weird taste, and I don't think that I like it. Thankfully it does not happen when I drink anything. So my morning coffee is safe sitting next to me. It is my 3rd cup. But there is nothing I love more than coffee in bed, in the mornings. Well maybe I love getting mail more, but it could be a toss up.

I also love new sheets. I bought some sheets at Target the other day, and they are GREAT. a great color and comfy and I love them. So score, new sheets are the BEST.

Meet the Press is BORING. and I can't find my remote. Which means I must switch gears and do something else. Have a great Sunday.



Short blog post today. I have so much work to do I don't even know what to do with myself.

And I am meeting my personal trainer today at 12. So that takes about 2 hours outta my day, because her gym is like 20mins away.

And I have a meeting tonight, that I HAVE to go to. Because I don't want "LB" to make me feel guilty for not going. And it is fun to get out, and not think about work.

And, I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER. Seriously. I am not kidding about this one. I had a project for work that I had to do a mailer for one of our clients. That involved stuffing, and sealing about 300 envelopes.

Dru did ALL of them last night for me. What a lifesaver! Too bad he wasn't here this morning to help with the address labels and stamps that also had to go on them before I could mail them out. Sometimes I think I need an admin assistant. Or thank god that my jobs in college paid off, and I know how to do mail merges. And I love my job enough to know that mailing projects don't happen too often, so I can't complain.

Tomorrow is Friday. I will most likely be working ALL weekend.


No more bitching or complaining

So I have stopped complaining and decided to deal with the fact that I will be traveling for work. I don't really mind it that much, just flying is not really my cup o tea for the reasons that I mentioned yesterday....

So anyways. I have been working, and working and working some more. And I need an assistant. I have such a BIG to do list that it is starting to get overwhelming. But oh well, thats how things work.

Tomorrow I start training with my personal trainer. I am so excited/scared all at the same time. She is going to kick my butt. I might not be able to walk Friday. But I need it. I need motivation. My coworker is also running a 1/2 marathon in May. And I HAVE to do better than her. Because in her words "you have to be able to beat an old lady"....

She is not OLD, because if 35 is old, then we are all in for a surprise soon. Some of my readers sooner than later, and well some have hit 35 and moved on and are still alive and kickin so OLD is a relative number. You are as old as you think you are. And from the title of this blog. I am 23, soon to be 24 then I might stop counting. But oh well..

We got our wedding pictures from the photographer and I LOVE them. Here is a little alpha love for the AOII sisters that read this blog :) Love ya! Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us!



No, this is not another post about my vacation....................................................That was wonderful and great and amazing and all that good stuff.

This is me RANTING....Because I am going BACK to Florida. NEXT WEEK. NOT FOR VACATION

For work. Did I mention that I don't really love to fly, and that I swell up really bad and my fingers and toes look like little weenies-the sasuages not the other kind...Gezz sick minds.

And I get Kankles, and sometimes my nose bleeds, and I get dehydrated... And I don't like flying for those reasons and I am going on an airplane next week, Again

I better get upgraded to first class.

I am going with my boss...We have a meeting, a presentation, which is all fine and dandy except that I am STRESSED out already. And I am adding this to the list of things.

I will bring you back to the regular programming (vacation talk and pics, and maybe some wedding pics, cause we got those too) tomorrow.

But for now I am sulking while I work really hard.



On vacation we saw gators......

And rode on an airboat. Of course my husband now thinks that he wants one. But that is a whole different story. Not only did we see gators

WE saw HUGE gators. This one is about 6 feet or so. But since it is in the wild, the guide did not know what size it was really. But if you ask me, he/or she was HUGE...

We also saw snakes. I do not like snakes. They are icky and nasty and did I mention icky??? There was a water Moccision (or however you spell it) but it was the grossest thing I have ever seen. And we saw 2!

I was slightly jumpy on the airboat. It did not have railing's or anything. No seat belts. I could have fallen into the cold water that is infested with gators/snakes/birds and fish...at any moment. It was a little unsetteling. But still fun. I held onto Dru TIGHT.

Gators were just one part of the vacation. And all I have time for today. Because when you take a vacation. You have A LOT of work to do when you get home.

Happy Monday


FL, Family, and RFL

WOW...It has been a while since I last blogged and do I have a ton of good blogging material. That is what happens when you go on vacation with my husband and parents to someplace where it is warm (warmer than here) have tons of work to do when you get back, and get to participate in a wonderful cause all in the period of a week.

Where do I start? Well Since it is Sunday and I have SO much to do, I don't think that I am going to start with vacation today, because I need to clean, do laundry, run, snuggle with my kitties, pick up books, grocery shop, and last but not least watch the Amazing Race, even though this season's participants are not that bright.

Books, books and more books. That is what I did yesterday. We sold books for Relay for Life and made GREAT money, had a great time, and still have SO many books. Enough for another sale for sure.

It is so awesome to be part of such an amazing event, get to meet new people, and raise money for such a great cause. I don't know if I have talked at all about my friend Kerry Ann, but she is undergoing cancer treatment, and seeing her yesterday at the sale brought it so much closer to why I am doing this. Also yesterday was the anniversary of the day that my grandfather passed away from cancer a year ago.

I am so grateful to be able to help out even if it is in a small way, and Can't wait for more events and the BIG event on Aug 20th 2010.

So off to my to do list for the day. More tomorrow about FL, Gators, driving "full size cars", Toll Roads, Margaritas, Olive Garden, Cows, Space Centers, Flying, Women of Today Events (thanks LB ("Like" Batman"), Snow, Wedding Pics....and probably much much more.


Presidents Day?

Today is a holiday in the world of people other than me....This just became apparent to me. Shit, does that  mean that the mail man is NOT coming today?

I am going on vacation. The mail needs to come TODAY, not tomorrow.

Frustrated, need to pack, so much work to do.

Can't find my damn camera charger. I swear that it always goes missing. I think that Dru or the cats hide it?

I WILL be on the amazing race someday. The new season, has me thinking that the contestents are not so bright, but I guess I will just have to wait and see. I don't have a favorite yet, but I will once the season goes on.


Valentines Day

Since tomorrow is the day for Love, EVERYONE was at Target in the card section trying to pick out a card for the one that they love. Myself included. People are so pushy and rude. I mean, please don't stand in front of the card area and take up so much space that no one else can look. Not nice

We don't do much here to celebrate, especially since we are going on vacation tuesday. So my husband and I will be celebrating in our own special way. Which is fine with me. I know that we love eachother, and gifts like chocolate and flowers are not necessary to show our love.

I have been working most of the day, which is actually fine with me. It feels good to get things done and get ahead before I am on vacation. I will not be taking my laptop on vacation, and will probably just shut my blackberry off. I miss the days of not knowing when I get an email. It is hard not to look, respond or feel like I need to work. So this is a NON working vacation. And I could not be happier.

Happy Saturday :)



I have been dreaming about our vacation next week. I could not be more excited to go somewhere where I can wear flip flops, maybe get a tan, and be outside for outside activities that do not involve snow.

Dru started a blog. I am outing him, because I think that this is great. And everyone should read it. I have a feeling that he will not blog very often, because lets be real. The man checks he email probably once a week. So the fact that he thinks that he can keep up with blogging is a little confusing. But let’s not be negative. I will give him a chance,

We visited a CPA yesterday. Filing taxes myself this year was a bit beyond me, since we had so many life changes. So I can't wait for a BIG refund.

I am debating going to the tanning bed again today. I love being tan. Some would say that I was once "tanorexic"....Reem and I had a membership to a tanning place in college one time. We were SO tan. How I miss those days.

It is Thursday already. Geszzzz I feel like it was just Thursday, which is not a problem. I love Thursdays. They mean that the weekend is so much closer. As is my vacation next week. But since it is only Thursday. That means that I have a lot of work to be doing.

Working a lot lately and it feels really good to be productive, and have projects to work on.


Sometimes I wonder if I am a blonde

Once upon a time long long ago, I was a blonde. Weren’t we all at one point in our lives? Actually Blonde, or had a blonde moment at least.

Well yesterday I had a blonde moment that made me question my education, and think that I might need to do those mental brain games to keep myself sharp and with it. Because well this was not okay.

I have recently started taking birth control pills. Yes might be TMI for the blog, but this is good I promise.

So I had my loving husband pick up my pills from Costco, well because he works there, and it is really far away, and he loves me so he does not mind doing things like this for me :)

So he brings them home yesterday in a bag and puts it on the couch and then goes outside to start dealing with the massive amounts of snow that we were getting dumped with since Sunday. *finally stopped snowing today*

Me being the planner that I am, decide that I should check the pills out and put them in the cute little case thingy that they come with and so on. So I am trying to put them in the case. And they don't line up. Like the little arrow thingy is supposed to line up with the other little arrow and so on and so forth.

I tried and I tried, and I could NOT figure it out for the life of me. I just figured that maybe that one pack was defective, so I opened another one (they gave me 3 months worth for only $9, can you say WOW...Costco health insurance ROCKS)

Well I couldn’t get the other one to fit either. I tried for about 20mins until I just figured that I should give up. This was just too much stress. And if I have a college degree, and 1 quarter of a masters (yes I kind of feel special, maybe I should FINISH that degree) I should be able to put f'n birth control pills in the case thingy that they come with. And if I can't figure it out, how do they trust me to be able to remember to take these damn things. Gezz........

I was defeated. So I decided to take them to Dru, to let him know that he picked up defective pills. Cause well, I am NEVER WRONG. I hand him the pills and the case, and say LOOK. It does not work.

He looks at me, and puts them in how they are supposed to go. I was attempting to put them in backwards the whole time.

Do I feel stupid? A little bit. If this does not prove why there are so many unplanned pregnancies I don't know what does! If they can't make the dispenser easy to use, who says that people are not just going to give up and say screw it (literally) and then poof, this is where all the babies come from.

Those are my words of wisdom for the day.


Yay for Saturday

It is the weekend. I love the weekend.

The superbowl has never been something that I watch the whole thing, and love watching. But it is interesting and I like to watch the commercials.

In the midwest, the superbowl does not start until like 5 or 6 pm. You can see that I don't really follow it, but I do know that it is a lot later here.

This makes me mad. I like daytime drinking on Sundays and the superbowl getting over at a decent hour when in CA. But no, this is more like a nighttime activity in the Midwest. So I probably will fall asleep during the game and watch the commercials on the TODAY show the next morning.



Dru is out ice fishing right now. Yes, you heard that right. ICE FISHING. sitting on a frozen lake, after they have punctured a hole in the frozen ice sitting on his butt waiting for fish to swim by and eat his bait.

There are many things that Dru does that I do not do, and vice versa. But I think that I might have agreed to try ice fishing this weekend. Sunday, before the superbowl.

I wan't to go back on that promise. Because the more I think about it, the less I want to sit on a frozen lake and wait for fish. I have better things to do with my time. Woulden't you think? And, putting holes in the ice. Does that not seem like a BAD idea to anyone but me?

I don't really want to feel what freezing cold ice water feels like on my body. I know that I got some more fat to keep me warm, but probably not THAT warm. And you are supposed to "roll out" of the water, and not panic. Not panic my ass, I am pretty sure I would panic, and then be dead and frozen.

It is almost the weekend. I don't think that I could be more excited about this fact. Officially 5 more work hours until the weekend. Even though it is snowing, and does not look like it is going to stop any time soon. I am still excited.

I am serving at at wild game feed this weekend. If you know me. You have probably gleaned to the fact that I am not a "wild" food eater. Red meat is not something that I eat. So I am pretty sure I will not be a fan of the "wild, or game, options that they are serving" but nonetheless it should be a fun time. I get to show off my pretty apron, free drinks and good friends will be there.

Happy Friday

ps, I think that I might be more productive when working from the comfort of my bed. I might go back to that option this afternoon :)


Working from BED

I feel like SHIT. Yes, I don't feel well. And this is the second day of not feeling fantastic.

Working from home makes it somewhat difficult to call in sick to work, since work is here. And I have a lot of things to do, and I am working on a fun project. So......I didn't call in sick, I didn't decide to sleep in.

I am drinking tea, propped up by a ton of pillows, working on my laptop in bed. I am being VERY productive this morning. Amazingly. I am proud of myself. Wish that I felt better, but happy that I can have my tea and sweatpants and still be productive.

My husband cleaned the house last night when I was at my meeting. It looks FANTASTIC. I love having a clean house. And love it even more when I am not the one that cleaned it.


Today I was told I was pretty....

I finally went into the "big" city and got a new social security card so we could file taxes. I am NOT a city girl. I especially hate driving in cities. I am not comfortable driving, especially when I don't know where I am going and have to rely on the handy dandy garmin lady to tell me where to "turn".

There is still a lot of snow on the ground around the city, and well EVERYWHERE for that matter. You would think that they would remove it or something. I mean, people think that just because there is snow piled up that they can park IN THE STREET. Making two lanes only 1.5 lanes. I don't like this. I don't like snow, I don't like driving, and I really don't feel comfortable when I feel like a bus is going to hit me.

The social security card center is not a fun place to be. It actually looks somewhat like I would think a prison waiting room would resemble. There was a very LARGE man sitting next to me. He was talking to himself, and well everyone that would listen. And then he leaned over to me way too close for comfort, and said "hey gorgeous, you woulden't happen to have .75 cents would you".....

Now as flattered as I was. You can't just ask people for money. What the hell was he going to do with .75 cents? The signs clearly stated:

1. NO CELL PHONES-I broke this rule and got yelled at, so I would assume that there was no pay phone for him to use, since they frown upon talking on the phone.

2. NO EATING-so he was not getting a snack out of a vending machine

3. NO DRINKING-I didn't even see a water fountain, and I am pretty sure those are FREE

So to end my morning at the social security place. I sat next to weird, stinky, talking to themselves people... But I got my name updated and was on my merry way in about 20mins. So that was nice.


Flying with my Husband

Dru and I have been together for 9 years. And we have never been on an airplane together.

Now, granted, I have had much better experiences while flying. I also fly more than him. But needless to say I am a little nervous. What if he starts screaming and freaking out. As his wife, can I just ignore him and pretend like I don't know him? Is that okay?

We are going to FL for a few days of vacation with my parents. I am excited to get to spend time with them, as well as go on vacaction with Dru. We have never really went on a "real" vacation together. Our honeymoon involved A LOT of driving. I did not get to go to Mexico when he went with his fam cause I had finals, and so on and so forth.

So this is our first real vacation. My parents are nice enough to have booked a 2 bedroom suite, so i don't have to listen to them snore because I don't sleep well with noises, and well that might be a little awkward, even though we are married I don't know if I want Dru and I sleeping in the same room as my parents. The hotel is close to EVERYTHING. I am super excited. I love Disney World. I also love vacation's and anything warmer than -10 degrees. I love spending time with my parents and Dru.

This is going to be GREAT. Just what we need.

Any takers on kitty sitting? Or should I just give them food and say bon voyage?

Today is half price tan day. But I just got a haircut. So my hair is cute. But I need a tan. Ahhh the hard questions in life.

PS it is STILL snowing. Since yesterday. I am starting to think that our weather lady smokes crack before she does the weather report. So much for 1-2 inches of snow. We have about 6, and it is STILL snowing. And I almost did not make it into my garage. Looks like I won't be going to Minneapolis today to get that new social security card that I NEED to get my taxes done.....


Cold Weather Rules-As declared by Erin.

A list of things that are okay when you live in a frozen climate (penned by a Californian)

1. Putting on a hat instead of doing your hair, even if it is greesy and nasty is appropiate (its f'n cold outside)

2. SweatPants keep me warm, warmer than jeans. So I will wear them in public if I want to.

3. Gaining a few Lb's is due to the cold, and since I wear so many layers, no one really knows if my jeans are too tight and are causing me to have a muffin top...

4. Dreaming of warmth, and flip flops is normal. As is taking a vacation in February because you NEED warmth.

5. Going to the tanning bed is fine. Even if you suspect that you might have weird moles due to the amount of sun your 23yr old body has already seen. O well. They (dr's can fix that) I look BAD pasty.

6. Wanting to sleep in EVERY morning is okay, because it is too cold to get up. When the sun gets up before 8am. So will I...And that sun MUST be at least 50 degrees.

7. Crying when you are in a small fender bender is okay. I have never had to drive in snow before, so therefore I am not at fault (o shit, that reminds me. I still have a ticket from that. I should see if I need to pay or go to court)

8. Wine keeps my body warm. On the inside. Don't judge.

Happy Monday