Cold Weather Rules-As declared by Erin.

A list of things that are okay when you live in a frozen climate (penned by a Californian)

1. Putting on a hat instead of doing your hair, even if it is greesy and nasty is appropiate (its f'n cold outside)

2. SweatPants keep me warm, warmer than jeans. So I will wear them in public if I want to.

3. Gaining a few Lb's is due to the cold, and since I wear so many layers, no one really knows if my jeans are too tight and are causing me to have a muffin top...

4. Dreaming of warmth, and flip flops is normal. As is taking a vacation in February because you NEED warmth.

5. Going to the tanning bed is fine. Even if you suspect that you might have weird moles due to the amount of sun your 23yr old body has already seen. O well. They (dr's can fix that) I look BAD pasty.

6. Wanting to sleep in EVERY morning is okay, because it is too cold to get up. When the sun gets up before 8am. So will I...And that sun MUST be at least 50 degrees.

7. Crying when you are in a small fender bender is okay. I have never had to drive in snow before, so therefore I am not at fault (o shit, that reminds me. I still have a ticket from that. I should see if I need to pay or go to court)

8. Wine keeps my body warm. On the inside. Don't judge.

Happy Monday

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