FL, Family, and RFL

WOW...It has been a while since I last blogged and do I have a ton of good blogging material. That is what happens when you go on vacation with my husband and parents to someplace where it is warm (warmer than here) have tons of work to do when you get back, and get to participate in a wonderful cause all in the period of a week.

Where do I start? Well Since it is Sunday and I have SO much to do, I don't think that I am going to start with vacation today, because I need to clean, do laundry, run, snuggle with my kitties, pick up books, grocery shop, and last but not least watch the Amazing Race, even though this season's participants are not that bright.

Books, books and more books. That is what I did yesterday. We sold books for Relay for Life and made GREAT money, had a great time, and still have SO many books. Enough for another sale for sure.

It is so awesome to be part of such an amazing event, get to meet new people, and raise money for such a great cause. I don't know if I have talked at all about my friend Kerry Ann, but she is undergoing cancer treatment, and seeing her yesterday at the sale brought it so much closer to why I am doing this. Also yesterday was the anniversary of the day that my grandfather passed away from cancer a year ago.

I am so grateful to be able to help out even if it is in a small way, and Can't wait for more events and the BIG event on Aug 20th 2010.

So off to my to do list for the day. More tomorrow about FL, Gators, driving "full size cars", Toll Roads, Margaritas, Olive Garden, Cows, Space Centers, Flying, Women of Today Events (thanks LB ("Like" Batman"), Snow, Wedding Pics....and probably much much more.

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