Sometimes I wonder if I am a blonde

Once upon a time long long ago, I was a blonde. Weren’t we all at one point in our lives? Actually Blonde, or had a blonde moment at least.

Well yesterday I had a blonde moment that made me question my education, and think that I might need to do those mental brain games to keep myself sharp and with it. Because well this was not okay.

I have recently started taking birth control pills. Yes might be TMI for the blog, but this is good I promise.

So I had my loving husband pick up my pills from Costco, well because he works there, and it is really far away, and he loves me so he does not mind doing things like this for me :)

So he brings them home yesterday in a bag and puts it on the couch and then goes outside to start dealing with the massive amounts of snow that we were getting dumped with since Sunday. *finally stopped snowing today*

Me being the planner that I am, decide that I should check the pills out and put them in the cute little case thingy that they come with and so on. So I am trying to put them in the case. And they don't line up. Like the little arrow thingy is supposed to line up with the other little arrow and so on and so forth.

I tried and I tried, and I could NOT figure it out for the life of me. I just figured that maybe that one pack was defective, so I opened another one (they gave me 3 months worth for only $9, can you say WOW...Costco health insurance ROCKS)

Well I couldn’t get the other one to fit either. I tried for about 20mins until I just figured that I should give up. This was just too much stress. And if I have a college degree, and 1 quarter of a masters (yes I kind of feel special, maybe I should FINISH that degree) I should be able to put f'n birth control pills in the case thingy that they come with. And if I can't figure it out, how do they trust me to be able to remember to take these damn things. Gezz........

I was defeated. So I decided to take them to Dru, to let him know that he picked up defective pills. Cause well, I am NEVER WRONG. I hand him the pills and the case, and say LOOK. It does not work.

He looks at me, and puts them in how they are supposed to go. I was attempting to put them in backwards the whole time.

Do I feel stupid? A little bit. If this does not prove why there are so many unplanned pregnancies I don't know what does! If they can't make the dispenser easy to use, who says that people are not just going to give up and say screw it (literally) and then poof, this is where all the babies come from.

Those are my words of wisdom for the day.

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