Valentines Day

Since tomorrow is the day for Love, EVERYONE was at Target in the card section trying to pick out a card for the one that they love. Myself included. People are so pushy and rude. I mean, please don't stand in front of the card area and take up so much space that no one else can look. Not nice

We don't do much here to celebrate, especially since we are going on vacation tuesday. So my husband and I will be celebrating in our own special way. Which is fine with me. I know that we love eachother, and gifts like chocolate and flowers are not necessary to show our love.

I have been working most of the day, which is actually fine with me. It feels good to get things done and get ahead before I am on vacation. I will not be taking my laptop on vacation, and will probably just shut my blackberry off. I miss the days of not knowing when I get an email. It is hard not to look, respond or feel like I need to work. So this is a NON working vacation. And I could not be happier.

Happy Saturday :)

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