On vacation we saw gators......

And rode on an airboat. Of course my husband now thinks that he wants one. But that is a whole different story. Not only did we see gators

WE saw HUGE gators. This one is about 6 feet or so. But since it is in the wild, the guide did not know what size it was really. But if you ask me, he/or she was HUGE...

We also saw snakes. I do not like snakes. They are icky and nasty and did I mention icky??? There was a water Moccision (or however you spell it) but it was the grossest thing I have ever seen. And we saw 2!

I was slightly jumpy on the airboat. It did not have railing's or anything. No seat belts. I could have fallen into the cold water that is infested with gators/snakes/birds and fish...at any moment. It was a little unsetteling. But still fun. I held onto Dru TIGHT.

Gators were just one part of the vacation. And all I have time for today. Because when you take a vacation. You have A LOT of work to do when you get home.

Happy Monday

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  1. My goal is to be as funny as you! I always crack up while reading your blog. I can hear your voice as I read it. :)