Flying with my Husband

Dru and I have been together for 9 years. And we have never been on an airplane together.

Now, granted, I have had much better experiences while flying. I also fly more than him. But needless to say I am a little nervous. What if he starts screaming and freaking out. As his wife, can I just ignore him and pretend like I don't know him? Is that okay?

We are going to FL for a few days of vacation with my parents. I am excited to get to spend time with them, as well as go on vacaction with Dru. We have never really went on a "real" vacation together. Our honeymoon involved A LOT of driving. I did not get to go to Mexico when he went with his fam cause I had finals, and so on and so forth.

So this is our first real vacation. My parents are nice enough to have booked a 2 bedroom suite, so i don't have to listen to them snore because I don't sleep well with noises, and well that might be a little awkward, even though we are married I don't know if I want Dru and I sleeping in the same room as my parents. The hotel is close to EVERYTHING. I am super excited. I love Disney World. I also love vacation's and anything warmer than -10 degrees. I love spending time with my parents and Dru.

This is going to be GREAT. Just what we need.

Any takers on kitty sitting? Or should I just give them food and say bon voyage?

Today is half price tan day. But I just got a haircut. So my hair is cute. But I need a tan. Ahhh the hard questions in life.

PS it is STILL snowing. Since yesterday. I am starting to think that our weather lady smokes crack before she does the weather report. So much for 1-2 inches of snow. We have about 6, and it is STILL snowing. And I almost did not make it into my garage. Looks like I won't be going to Minneapolis today to get that new social security card that I NEED to get my taxes done.....

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