I have been dreaming about our vacation next week. I could not be more excited to go somewhere where I can wear flip flops, maybe get a tan, and be outside for outside activities that do not involve snow.

Dru started a blog. I am outing him, because I think that this is great. And everyone should read it. I have a feeling that he will not blog very often, because lets be real. The man checks he email probably once a week. So the fact that he thinks that he can keep up with blogging is a little confusing. But let’s not be negative. I will give him a chance,

We visited a CPA yesterday. Filing taxes myself this year was a bit beyond me, since we had so many life changes. So I can't wait for a BIG refund.

I am debating going to the tanning bed again today. I love being tan. Some would say that I was once "tanorexic"....Reem and I had a membership to a tanning place in college one time. We were SO tan. How I miss those days.

It is Thursday already. Geszzzz I feel like it was just Thursday, which is not a problem. I love Thursdays. They mean that the weekend is so much closer. As is my vacation next week. But since it is only Thursday. That means that I have a lot of work to be doing.

Working a lot lately and it feels really good to be productive, and have projects to work on.

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  1. You blog about me but you don't call me back?! I missssssssssss you! (And our tanorexia days....I've laid off the fake tanning in an effort to fight off wrinkles and cancer but I really miss our daily walks to planet beach)