Another Time Around

Well I went back to the Dr. yesterday. Ya know, my friend, the Lady Dr. (who is really a man)....

I first had an ultrasound. Which was actually pretty cool. All my experiences with ultrasounds (which is only one other time, and it was in the ER, and she was kind of a wench) they are not able or supposed to tell you what you are looking at. They just probe around in there and silently take photo's. Which is creepy if you ask me.

Well I am proof, that not all ultrasound people are wench's. The guy who did mine was great. Nice, informative, and kind of funny. Funny is a good thing, when you don't feel good, and there is a probe in your whoha...Yes, TMI sorry, I have been really good at that lately. Well don't think that this post is going to get any better.

I was able to see my insides. Pretty cool if you ask me. I didn't really know what I was looking at, but he was great at explaining things to me. You could see my endo on my left ovary. Yes, actually see it. See, the thing is, you are not really supposed to see it (endo) on an ultrasound. Also your ovaries are supposed to be shaped like an almond, or as I said, a Lima bean....Well my left one is shaped somewhat like a mitten. A mitten that is used in the Wintertime. Which happen's to be my least favorite month.

The right side, was a more normal shape. But I do have scar tissue there too. Gezzzz, I am messed up inside. So after the ultrasound, and a small mental breakdown on my part.

I will be having another surgery. With someone that I trust. Someone that know's what he is doing. We will be hopefully figuring out what is going on with me, why I hurt *well I know "why" Now, but hopefully getting rid of some of the pain. This surgery is happening next Saturday. Saturday, you say, of next week? Yep. The day before my bday, 2 days after my mommy comes to visit. At least I know that the surgery is not too horrible. I am determined to be strong, and recover quickly. I have a lot going on in the next month, and I am going to do it all pain free.

Gosh, I am determined this morning. Hopefully that carries about through the rest of my day.


  1. Eeek about the mitten shaped ovary!
    Glad that you are having surgery with someone trustworthy and who should be able to help you this time. ((hugs))


  2. You will do great! Don't worry, us nurses don't pass judgment when there are drugs involved (unless our patients have proven to be mean before the drugs :) Hee hee Just kidding. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope all goes well!