Dr. Update

I went to the Dr. again today. It is beginning to feel like I am always at the Dr. But if that is what is going to make this better, then so be it.

I was not at the same Dr.  We (Dru and I) Decided that we needed a second opinion before doing something drastic (like Lupron). I went to a man lady dr. I was pretty nervous, since I had usually had women lady dr's. But everything went Great!

He was so nice. Like really nice, understanding, answering all my questions. Everything that I realized that my other Dr. was NOT.

It took 45 mins before the "old" dr. would even fax over ANY records. Even after I had filled out all the correct paperwork. And she still didn't send any pictures from my surgery, that is if there were any. But I am pretty sure that I remember waking up from surgery and seeing her show me something of a picture to show me wherer the endo was. But I don't know for sure since I was all drugged up.

The "new" Dr. was so great and understanding. He was appalled that she would just give me a phamplet about Lupron, and then order it though my insurance. Especially since I only have stage 1 endo. He only does recommend Lupron at stages 3 or 4.

I am so happy that we decided on a second opinion. I was just ready to take the drug and see what happened. I am so happy that I did not. Hopefully the stress from all this is going to subside.

Hopefully I will feel better on the new bc that he prescribed, and I will be having every 3 month dr. visits to check my status.

I feel better, my head is less clouded, and it is sunny outside. I am going to go do something fun...

That is after my husband gets back from somewhere with his "man boyfriend", who he seems to spend way more time with than me. I don't even really like this boyfriend of his, so that is another story for another day.

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  1. I actually have copies of all the pictures from my surgeries myself - like at my house. She should give them to you if you ask.

    But I am so insanely happy you found a doctor who will actually listen to you and answer your questions (and not jump automatically to the strongest drug available for treatment!)