Happiest Place On Earth?

Some people claim that the happiest place on earth is somewhere named Disney.

But I went to the place that makes me happy. Last night!

Dru and I went on a little adventure. Traffic sucks, just FYI. When your commute usually involves walking to the basement with coffee in one hand trying to not trip over 2 crazy kitties you take things for granted. Like Traffic.

Why do people drive so damn slow? Whats the deal? Anyways, not the point of my story at all. But I guess that you understand that we had to leave the house to go on this adventure.

We went grocery shopping......Grocery shopping? What? Not fun. Well I disagree.

You see, I love Trader Joes. It gives me a happy feeling. I love going there and wandering around. And even spending lots of money there does not put me in a bad mood.

Now my fridge is full of yummy things. I am a happy lady.

Happy Friday.


  1. OMG! Come visit and you can do ALL my grocery shopping for me! I haaaate it with a blinding passion! I actually envy that you love it.

  2. And now I miss Trader Joes... desperately.

    Thanks a lot!