Husbands and Fathers

So you know the saying that men usually look for a wife that resembles or is something like his mother, because she took care of him??? Well I think that Dru has a few things in common with my father, and I won't say that they are his most appealing traits...Thought that I would share, since I had to go to Target for this very reason.....

My mom buys Halloween candy for the nonexistent Trick or Treaters in our tiny little town, because I think that she has a glimmer of hope that just maybe she will get one or two cute little kids that come to her door. She usually purchases this candy in advance of the holiday because my mom and I are a lot alike and we plan ahead....Now the only problem with this is OUR HUSBANDS!!!

Yes, my dad eats the candy before Halloween and usually leaves wrappers places instead of putting them in the trash. He has done this since I can remember, and Dru DOES THE SAME THING....

What is it with men, and their inability of putting wrappers in the trash? Or realizing that the Halloween candy is for the Trick Or Treaters, NOT for them to eat before the holiday!! ( I just went to Target and bought more, and I am HIDING it until Saturday :)

Another weird trait that these two men share?? The think that they are Dr. Doolittle.....My dad talks to our animals like they can respond, or they are talking back to him....Dru DOES THE SAME THING....

Dru thinks that Molly the kitty is a human being, and she has needs and feelings and she can hear what he says. When she bites or scratches me on the face and I curse and yell, he tells me to "be nice" she can hear you!! Well What the F?? No, she is an animal, and I AM BLEEDING, FROM MY FACE...She is in BIG trouble and I am not being nice.

Dru also built Molly a fort the other day. Yes you read that right, a fort! He rearranged the couch cushions and put a blanket over them so Molly could have a fort. We also have a HUGE kitty scratching post/house in our living room that is somewhat of an eye sore, and I am thinking about moving it to the basement. I think that Dru would disagree, and it would be back in the living room because "she needed it"...Freaking Dr. Doolittle :)

I will be watching Dru for his evolution into My father, and if starts sleeping in a recliner and snoring VERY loudly, or feeding the cat/dog ice cream from his own bowl I will have to have an intervention. Because I can think of SO many other traits that my dad has that I would rather Dru adopt

Happy Sunday!


  1. Happy Sunday to you. Your dad and I just purchased a puppy ply pen for Lucy? You might need one for Miss molly. Your dad and i got a good laugh from this post. ya got love em... love ya mom

  2. Hi there. I have the same problem with Halloween candy in our house. I have hidden it, and have to rotate hiding places every few days.....I am wondering if it is a guy thing. :)

  3. The same thing happens in my family too! We never had a tricker treater, ever but my parents would buy costco size bags of candy and then my dad would eat it all before halloween!!