Family-and Blogging

Blogging has been my outlet to vent, keep people updated and well take a break from work when I feel like my brain is going to explode.

I am very aware that a lot of people close to me read my blog and I am more than happy to share with you my life, as well as Dru's life sometimes. (well not everything, you have to keep somethings to yourself) but I do feel that it is a great way to keep connected when we are so far away in Minnesota.

Please let me know that you are reading, just so I know...Weird request I guess but it is just nice to know who I am talking to when I feel like I am talking to myself because writing has become an escape for me.

Thanks! And Happy Thursday-we are that much closer to the weekend.


  1. I miss ya when you dodn't write.Makes me feel closer to ya. Love ya mom.

  2. i read...but i've told you that already- EC

  3. Hey E.Bess --- I love your blog!: ) I check it out too! Alpha love. : ) - Amy