Housing Update

So the purchase agreement is ALMOST done. We are that much closer to being home owners. Dru did most of the work, and sat down with the landlord this afternoon and got the paperwork filled out. Gosh, why do you have to fill out so much paperwork to buy things? What did they do in the old days, get out their ink, dip the pen in it and scribble down 25 pages of nothingness...I think NOT! Why can't we just shake hands, exchange some funds and !Viola! (I think that I might have made that word up, just sound it out, it works I swear) we own a house? They need those cool thingies that Wells Fargo puts on debit cards where you can just touch it down on the pay pad and it just "knows" you information! NOT, *disclaimer* Those things NEVER work and frustrate me just as much as filling out paperwork.

It is 5pm on Friday-that means it is officially the weekend. The problem with that is I only have 1/2 a bottle of wine in my house, and I have not taken a shower yet today (don't judge, I work from home and it is acceptable) so going to the store is kind of out of the picture, because well I am just too damn lazy. But what is a girl to do when I run out of wine? There are a few options that Dru and I discussed when he left for work this evening (5-10 :( I would either a) suck it up and bathe myself and go to the store, because god knows we need groceries too because I have been a slacking wife and have not gone grocery shopping (I just remembered that I still have ALL the ingredients to make crab cheese puffs :) yay dinner)))))
Option B) Not take a shower and still go grocery shopping because I don't really know too many people in this town anyways
Option C) *probably my fav* Still don't get bathed, but put some makeup on, spritz myself with perfume, deodorant, and put some jeans on and go to the bar :) unlimited wine, and well I could probably find some food too!!

No snow in the forecast for this weekend a warm hopefully 60 degrees, and I have BIG plans of cleaning our carpets, getting my fat ass to the gym and relaxing before Monday. Which seems WAY too close...

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