Grey's Anatomy and Thoughts

Do you ever blog after wine? Well since my only followers are my mom and one of my best friends, I am going to ask you to Not forgive me for this, because this is how I feel...Wine just makes the words flow faster.

"you can't pray the gay out of me"...Is that not the best quote that you have ever experienced? Well I think so. Don't judge people because of their differences, or their choices...Judge because of the way that they treat you. I am not a religious person, but I do believe, and I think that my family loves me no matter what. Now granted I am not gay, I know that my family and my father would love me no matter what. If you don't watch Grey's anatomy, you probably are wondering where this comes from. I cried and I laughed tonight, but more I appreciated. I could not have asked for a better family, a better support system, or better friends. Being who you are is YOUR choice. Being an independent woman is who I AM! I have crossed lines that I should not have crossed in my 23 years Don't ask questions, because well it is non of your business, but I have said things that I would or should have never said. But those who love me still do. I called my mom a "bitch" when I was young. I remember that day, and remember how she felt. I did not apologize for a while, but she saved the apology that I wrote *mom I saw it*. I still feel bad to this day.

Don't judge or make assumptions about those that you love. Just love, unconditionally. I am so happy to have learned that at a young age. I live really far away from those who love me (well Dru sleeps in my bed, but that is a different post) You always have to have a support system, and I have the best. I love with an open heart, and those who love me do too! That is all I can ask.

Looking at wedding pictures today with my boss made me have a new appreciation for my dad. He *my boss) was most focused on the father daughter pictures. Without exposing my boss too much, he adopted his little girl when she was an infant. And loves her to the moon and back. He has those feelings that she should be his "little girl" forever. Well, being a little girl in your fathers eyes can only go as far as she is willing to be innocent. I know that I was never the "best" daughter" I did things that I only hope he can be okay with now. I have never cried for a better reason in my life at my wedding. Looking at those pictures, and my boss explaining to his 6 yr old daughter that my dad was "giving me away" almost brought tears to my eyes again. I love my dad more than anything. I had the best wedding a girl can ask for, and the best "childhood" (I still want to be a child). But I was not sad, to be "given away" I knew that I was always going to be his daughter. He loves me no matter what...well not paying for college and gas makes things a little easier :) but that is not that point. My father, daughter dance at the wedding still makes me think how much he has made me the woman I am today. I am independent, and stubborn but I am still "daddy's girl" even though I was never that type.

Reflecting....I love you! Dad, Mom, Family and friends!!! We (dru and I) could never do this without you.

Now back to my wine :)

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  1. Love ya soooo much miss ya you are the bestest daughter ever.... Grays was good i also laughed and cried, not just bout the show but your blog. love ya mom