Sleeping in, the day should not start until 10am!

Getting up this morning was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a while. All I wanted to do, was have the heater turned on and lay in bed for another 20mins (okay who am I kidding, like another hour at least)...But that was impossible on this Monday morning. We have a home inspection guy here right at this moment and Dru is upstairs making himself a yummy smelling breakfast of what I can assume consists of bacon? It is the smell...

So in my do good activity of the week (well technically year, since it is not until next August) I have joined the Relay for Life steering committee. I am really excited to be involved in such a great event and think that it will be a great way to focus my skills and meet people. It is Aug 20th in Waconia, MN. If you want to participate :)

My mother and grandmother will be gracing Minnesota with their presence for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I just learned that we are proud owners of Vikings/Bears tickets for when they are here. If you know my grandmother, you know that she is a huge Vikings fan, and I am really excited that we are able to do this for her. And well if you know my mom and I, we might be selling our tickets outside the Metrodome, and going shopping somewhere???? Just a thought, since we both are not football fans. I wonder if they serve wine at games, since I don't drink beer anymore.

Well since crawling back into my bed is not an option, I should probably get back to work!

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