Why is it that I have SO much work to do on Friday? I swear that I was not this busy ALL week, and now that it is Friday and we have a ton of paperwork for home buying and all that good stuff and I am swamped with WORK. Telling my dear sweet husband that he needed to be home buying guru at 8:30am this morning was not exactly received with hugs and kisses...More or less with "I'm sleeping, uhgh you do it"

Well I have decided that I don't have time to do that stuff, so Dru's new job today-before he goes to his other job at 5:00 on a Friday and won't be home until 10pm (uhg I am frustrated about that, it is the weekend, well MY weekend, and he has to work when I am celebrating MY weekend beginning). Paperwork and shit sucks, who knew that a 30pg document is a "purchase agreement" and most of the words and stuff in it are things that we don't understand.

I am crossing my fingers that while I am down in the basement working, he is being all guruish and solving all of our home buying adventures. But since I hear the TV and know that he is still in his comfy clothes, I am not going to get too excited.

11am sounds like a good time to eat some lunch before my REALLY busy afternoon of working :)

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  1. Why don't you scan the document into your computer and e-mail it to me. We all know I don't have any work to do so maybe I can be all guruish for my friends in Minnesoooooota :)

    Now that you have a house, are you going to get an accent?