Is today Sunday???

So I am very well aware that it is only Saturday, and kind of early on a Saturday. But I am washing laundry. Blankets for that matter. Now, if you know, I only like to wash sheets and blankets on Sunday. It is a ritual, and well just a good day to always make sure that your sheets are clean for a new week...

Well then why am I washing shit today, do you ask??? Because my house has been overrun with Kitty Fur. Dru and I are not as great as cleaning the kitty as she would like, and if I take off her stupid alien cone, she licks her stitches when I am not looking. Ughhhhh she is frustrating me this morning. And I got stupid medicine all over myself because she was being a bitch and would not let me feed it to her. Even after I was a nice mommy and gave her TUNA for breakfast. yes, out of a can, I did not cook up a fish, but still, pretty spolied if you ask me.

Today will be spent cleaning and defuring my house. And probably some other things. Like moving my office upstairs because it is so damn cold in my office in the basement. I am thinking about painting too....

Good thing I got up at 615 on a saturday. Because my list gets longer and longer as I think about it


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