Productivity at its finest

I have been so productive today that it almost scares me. Productivity when you work from home is a really important thing to achieve, and I just wanted to toot my own horn and say that I have been just that today, productive.

Work is going great, and my to do list is shrinking in size. Hopefully that does not mean that I am leaving a million things off it, but I am actually getting work done. I did laundry in between work, and lunch and dealing with the house buying process. I have been on the phone all morning and now it is 2pm, so why do I have to stop being productive NOW?? I think that I might have a case of ADHD because now I don't want to do anything.

My baby kitty sometimes tries to choke herself with her collar and I am getting worried. Dru keeps telling me that she does not need her tags since she is an inside kitty but I beg to differ. She is one sneaky animal, and she WILL get out one day to chase those damn squirrels and bunny rabbits. I want to be able to identify her when she gets in a fight with a squirrel and does not win, I want to be able to call the chip place so they can track down my kitty if she runs away. So those tags are important, and it is not my fault that she sometimes tries to commit suicide by chewing at them.

I'm pretty sure that she might have ESP or something, because she is now perched next to my screen watching me type this. Wow, I am a weird Cat Lady...........

Enough about my kitty (child) for now. Gosh I think that I might be turning into a mommy blogger. Especially since I just used the word "gosh". But it upsets my mom when I use the F word and I am pretty sure that my grandma reads this too, so I should keep it PC.

Now that I am a crazy cat lady and this blog is about nothing important, I should probably try to be productive at what I am getting paid to do, WORK!!

Happy Thursday-Wow I can't believe that it is already Thursday!! This week has gone by fast.

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