Well it has FINALLY arrived, and it is FRIDAY. I could not be happier, all want to do is snuggle up in my new chair and read a book or be lazy and catch up on TV. Problem is, I have a paper due. Yes I know that I am not in college anymore, but I am writing a research paper for a research project that I have been working on since June.

I don't want to write, I want to nap, or eat, or do anything other than write a damn paper. O well, I will write it, since that is what I am getting paid to do, but I am sure not happy about it.

The bathroom is DONE, and it looks Fab! I will post pictures after I actually take them. Because my husband did a GREAT job, but forgot to pick up his mess that he made and I can't really access the room because there is piles of work related crap blocking me from the beautiful bathroom.

The house will be OURS next week. All we gotta do is write a check, sign some papers and show proper ID and we will be home buyers. Wow that sounds so easy. They actually let people like us buy houses? Seems weird that I am an adult sometimes. I remember when we bought our car last year, and buying a house is up there with pretty nifty adult purchases. Maybe I will go out and get a new kitty to celebrate. Since well I am a grown up, and my mommy can't tell me NO!

Actually on the topic of Mom. She will be here for a WEEK, starting Monday. She is bringing her Mother as well. Dru is brave, and actually excited because well my mom and grandma are pretty awesome if I don't say so myself. I am excited for card games, and wine, and cheating at card games (grandpa sweared that I cheated all the time), eating spinach dip, eating clam dip, taking a nap, being a tour guide for a city I don't even know that well, going to the mall of America, going to a football game at the metrodome, eating good food-hmmm I think I already mentioned eating, but it is Thanksgiving and that is what people do, eat!

Since it is now considered my "Lunch" hour, I am going to go sit in my comfy chair and watch last nights episode of Private Practice.
Happy Friday!

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