Why Can't they Grow Potatoes in Hawaii?

I survived my adventure to WI, and as the title of this post reads, why o why can't I go to HI for work trips? Driving to WI is nothing but BORING...The way that I took there I saw more tractors than cars, and it was 2 lane roads. The GPS yelled at me when I refused to take her dirt roads that she was suggesting. I didn't want to get my car dirty, that is a good enough reason in my book!!!

I took the road more traveled on my way back. And still on the Interstate, there are signs for Amish crossings. If you are from CA you are probably not familiar with a sign like that but it is a sign like children crossing but with a little Amish wagon pulled by horses. WTF??? Really, they are crossing the Interstate? I don't think it is like deer or other animals where you don't swerve because you could cause an accident, I think that you actually have to avoid hitting them. These are PEOPLE that we are talking about, that don't believe in modern day necessities. Needless to say, I won't ever be Amish!

The industry that I work in is mostly Men. And that is not a problem normally, but I am a 23yr old female. I think that they think I am most likely uninformed, and just a girl. I am sick of eating dinner at Steak Houses, or Dinner Clubs. How about a good salad???

After wearing "work" clothing, you can bet that I am now sitting on my couch in my sweats, watching the TV that I DVR'd and drinking a glass of wine.

Yay for it already being almost Thursday

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