So most of you know that I don't really enjoy driving, and well driving in the DARK is just another element to add to the list of things that are the reason I don't like to drive.

Next week I have to drive to WI for a meeting for work. I usually just ride with my boss and it is peachy and no big deal. But this time I personally have to drive my own car. He does not want to leave until 3pm...It gets dark before 5pm, and this is a 4hr drive. Now you do the math. I will be driving by myself, in the dark, on an unfamiliar path to WI...

Roadkill: Something that I have seen WAY to much of since I moved to the Midwest, and am really not willing to add to the number of poor animals who are struck in the night by people who can't or don't like driving in the dark.

The moral of this story is, I have a fear of driving and dying an untimely death in an automobile accident that is caused by my poor diving skills, and not being able to see in the dark.

So the question remains, do I tell my boss that we should leave earlier? Or do I suck it up and hope that I don't die and be afraid for the 2 hrs that I will be driving in the dark???

Maybe I should tell him that I just can't go at all??? I mean I do need to bake 2 pies for a dinner that I am helping out at the next night, and I won't get home until probably 4pm before the meeting, because I have to drive myself back after our morning meetings. Doesn't it seem like a big waste of gas to drive all the way over for 2 meetings. That is why they invented teleconferencing or webcasts. I would even change and put nice clothes on (well a nice shirt and do my hair, I can probably still get away with sweatpants, because they would not be able to see my legs if I was sitting down) in order to have a web conference.

Oprah Skypes, why can't our company skype with clients???

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