The weekend was GREAT! Dru went hunting with the neighbor, but since it was SOOO wet and they did not see any animals they decided to come home a day early......

I most definitely was not sitting on the couch eating bad for me food watching a movie, and had not showered when I found this out at 3pm. Me?? Never!

Well I was, and Not only was Dru coming home, but Blake a friend from CA was also coming over for the night because he was working in WI not far from our house. I frantically made the spare room bed because we had washed everything because we are having house guests next weekend :), vacuumed all the floors, did the dishes, took a shower, made the house smell good, put stuff away. Yes I was frantic and I managed to shower and make myself look presentable and clean the house all in about 1.4hours time.

Blake is our first visitor to the Frozen Tundra, and it was fun. We took him out to our little bar that we go to in town, and just caught up on life.

Since Dru was home, and did not have to work at all on Sunday, we decided to go run some errands. I braved Cabela's for about an hour, while my indecisive husband looked for the perfect thing to buy with his gift card. Then we went on to REI where I used a gift card from the wedding, to purchase myself a nice winter coat. It gets cold here in the Frozen Tundra, and I did not have the proper attire for winter :) The jacket is REALLY cute. I love it

Next we decided it would be fun to do some home improvements since we are going to be home owners soon, and where is a better place to start than the downstairs bathroom, that is GROSS....

Here are some before pictures

The whole thing is cement, and nasty. So we are painting the whole room and redoing the floor with hardwood. We are going to have this done before my mom and grandma visit next week.
I will post pictures..........

Next home improvement??? Making a bigger office for ME!

Happy Monday! Back to work

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