I have become increasingly frustrated with the process of buying a house. So frustrated in fact that I want to pull my hair out...Why do people not call back in a timely manner? If there is a work order, why does the landlord keep asking US about it. He owns the fucking house for gods sake. Maybe he should do something to fix it if he wants to have this done in a timely manner. Excuse my language, but I am mad...

I WAS going to start a detox today, and drink only water, eat healthy, and exercise. But I think that the key word in that sentence is "WAS"...It is too damn cold and windy to drag my lazy butt to the gym tonight. It will be DARK when I am done with work in two hours, and that is just depressing in itself. I think what I need is "a good friend and a glass of wine"...So good friends, if you phone rings and it is me, please answer. I will deal with the wine on my end :)

Hope that you are having a better Monday than I am...But I have gotten a lot of work done today so that is always a good thing!

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