Laundry-and Kitty Royalty.

So today is day 3 in a row of going to the gym. (yay me) and I am fed up with all the laundry that going to the gym creates. I know that I can't just wear my sweaty clothing day after day, well because that is icky...But I swear that I do WAY more laundry when I actually take my fat butt to the gym. I guess you win some and you lose some, and I would rather have clothing that fits to wash, than to small clothing that doesn't fit, and well therefore I would not have to wash it, because I could not even wear it :)

Goal: Be able to wear ALL the really expensive jeans that are in my closet!
Deadline: January 1st

Yeah, I know that most people set an exercise plan as their New Years resolution, but I am going to do it backwards, and be SKINNY on New Years. God knows that I probably won't even go anywhere because it will be negative degrees here in the frozen tundra, and I won't get to show off my new body because I will be dressed in layers, but at least I will feel good about myself.

My kitty has started thinking that she should work with me, and by work, I mean sit in front of my computer, or step on the keyboard, or try to eat the phone cord. This is making work a lot harder than it should be...But she is just so darn cute that I feel bad throwing her out of my office all the time. (PS did you know that Molly the kitty is an Egyptian Mau), yes that is the type of cat that she is (We learned it on the Animal Planet show because we are losers and there was nothing else on TV, and we didn't want to go out and spend money because we are buying a house)...

Dru has started calling the kitty "Egyptian Mau" And I am no longer allowed to call her fat, because supposedly her hangy fat off her belly is her "Speed Pouch". Yes this is all true, the Animal Planet told us so. I told Dru it sounds like she is smuggling drugs in her "Speed Pouch", but he insists that it makes her faster...

Happy Tuesday..

What is your before New Year's Resolution???

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  1. Did you know that I also watched at cat show....so I guess I am a loser too!