3 Generations of Love

I woke up this morning to my quiet little house ready for a cup of coffee and to sit down and read my morning blogs. Both of my baby kitties were upstairs still sleeping, and the house has it's familiar smell of morning and windows being closed tight. There's something about morning when it is quiet and calm that get me motivated for the day. Watching the news, planning my day, just spending time with me. I enjoy my mornings. 

Then I got to thinking. My own mom is sleeping downstairs right now. She is here visiting for a week, and I am so incredibly thankful. There are 3 generations of family here in this house right now, even though baby Stella is still in my belly. I can feel the love. I can't wait to see her and hold here, but I am also so excited to see my mom with her granddaughter. Sometimes I think that my mom might be more excited about Baby Stella than I am. It's probably my anxiety riddled excitement that makes me a bit more nervous, and my mom knows what to expect. A warm cuddly baby (who apparently needs everything that any store has to offer). I'm a little bit more of a minimalist when it comes to things. Things are sometimes just things and I will be more than happy and satisfied when she's here, cuddling and happy and healthy. I don't really care if she has things. But I've realized that if it makes others happy, i'm just going to go with the flow. 

The quiet, peaceful flow of morning and coffee and cuddly baby kitties. Todays another day, and I can't wait to live it. 

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