Sugar And Spice

The title either makes you think of baking (can you tell that I have developed a sweet tooth) or the sweet little girl that we will be welcoming to our family in September.

We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning and are beyond thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl to our family in September. She is super squirmy and not modest at all, which makes me think that I have probably gotten myself into a lot of trouble because that is me to a T. There is no question or doubt that she is all girl and we can't wait to meet her in September.

I'm sure that she will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger on first sight, and he's probably already checking out the girly fishing poles that they have available at Cabela's.

We can't wait for Grandma to come visit us next week and to get moving on decorating her nursery. Thankfully Grandma is much better at painting/decorating than I am and I'm sure that she will whip up some adorable things for baby girl. We do have a name in mind but I've decided that I probably don't want to share that on the blog/internet.

Yay for Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!


  1. Congratulations! Regardless of what you find out, isn't it just nice to finally KNOW?! Have fun decorating and picking out fun girly things!

  2. YAY a girl Oh man, is Dru in for a treat. Im so happy for you. Better get all your girly stuff ready