We're Growing

Things are starting to get real around here. It's so crazy when you first are pregnant and you start to analyze every little thing. You think that you are getting a baby bump during the first few weeks, when it really is just some extra bloat and gas, and the extra food that you are eating. I've been horrible at taking photos lately but I did scrounge up some that I have been taking. I don't look good in any of them which is why I cropped my head out of most of them :) but here is our progression from January to now. I'm excited to watch pedro grow and we can't wait until we can find out what the little bugger is. April 17th can't come soon enough.

These are for those of you who don't get to see Pedro every day. Dru and I enjoy rubbing him and belly bumping because we are weird like that. And I like to blame every little thing that I crave during the day on him. Pedro has been begging for some sunshine, as has his momma and we can't wait until it is warm enough to tan. We will be taking a trip together to Miami in May and can't wait to get a little color on our skin!

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