Santa Fe, NM....

We went to Santa Fe. This is on the plane. And the beginning of the Cankles for the weekend. And well, yes I think that I might have a double chin in this photo too....But This is the beginning. I didn't take any picures of my ankles. or Shall I say Cankles. But use your imagination.

Group shot. Hiking in the great outdoors of Santa Fe. Did I mention that when hiking you increase elevation? Like we were not already 5 million miles in the sky???? Well this is out lovely group. Boss and his wife on the left, Dru and I in the back. Kristi and Melinda in Middle (coworkers) and then their respective spouses too. All in all a great time.

This is where we stayed. AMAZING place. Not a great picture...Are you beginning to figure out that I am a HORRIBLE photo taker? But this place was awesome. Turndown service with cookies in the evening, awesome huge comfy room, with comfy bed. Wine and cheese one night. Breakfast every morning with a selection of whatever you wanted. Order breakfast, even had it sent to our room on Sunday morning. Because that is how we roll?

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