It is getting Hott and Steamy

Hott and Steamy. And sticky and bug filled. That is what it is like here in the midwest lately. It was 85 degrees last night at 1030pm. I should get back to the bug filled. There are BIG nasty dead bugs all over our front porch. If I knew where my camera was right now I would go outside and take a picture of the 100's of dead bugs that are on our porch. It is GROSS.

Being a California girl, heat should be no problem. And since I bitch and complain so much about the snow, I should worship the hott hott weather? Does that not sound right. Well I do love hott. But just not the sticky part of the hotness.

Not the part where every single part of your body is sweating. If we did not have AC in our house. I might die. I probably would have already been dead. I can count on one hand how many times we ran the AC last year. Hardly ever. Thought that we were tough Californian's.

Well now that I was bombarded with snow and all that winter stuff, I am a big baby, and I need AC. So I will be using it whenever I feel the need. That means if it is over 75 degress AC on.

Off to work....Okay not 'off' like I have to commute or anything. But 'off' to the office I go. Happy Tuesday.

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  1. We turned on the ac Saturday night and it isn't working. It's been a couple of hot, sweaty days over here (I'm in MN)