Am I making Sense?

Dearest Readers. The few of you that there are. Do I make sense?

See, last night, when Dru was getting into "my" bed, I asked him nicely if he had read my blog?

Simple question. I wanted to see if he would respond to the fact that i think that we need seperate beds. Well he told me, yes I did, and it didn't make any sense. Hmmmm...

Did it not make sense because he didn't want it to, or am I really crazy and writing in circles? I do realize dear friends, that tangenty is probably not a word, and I am not going to look it up because I am pretty positive it is not a word. But whatever. My blog, my words.

Anyways. Dearest husband, if you don't think my blog makes sense, then don't read it. So there! Then I can write whatever I want about you...:) Probably all nice, I promise.

So I have a question. Does it make it okay to talk about things once people have made them public on the social network known as Facebook? Facebook is for all the world to see, so I am pretty sure that once someone posts something that was a sort of secret, it is no longer a secret anymore, and I can talk about it?

Well I decided to "like" such facebook status update, we will see if that was appropiate or not later. Ya see, I have never hid my feelings of said "secret" when it was public knowledge. I never pretented to like anyone.

That is not the way that I am. I don't do pretending well. I have learned in my old age, that it is not nice to hurt peoples feelings on purpose, and I do try hard to not do that, but I will not go out of my way to be nice, if I have ill feelings toward someone.

So now I do realize that this blog makes no sense to anyone who has no idea what I am talking about. Talking myself in circles this morning.

Ohhh well. I have talked to my mom this morning, she is going to be on her way to the midwest today. Glad that the weather is going to be nice (NOT)....Rain, possible snow showers, coldness, all that goodness

We are going to do fun things, at least tonight and tomorrow. I am determined to do fun things. Even though I don't feel well. I will probably feel less well after my surgery on Saturday.

I have not been complaining about how bad I hurt lately, because it is boring, and no one wants to hear it. I don't even want to hear it. But last night I hurt bad. Like real bad, and I can't wait to feel better.

Okay enough of the tangenty blog, gots to get work done today, so I can play tomorrow on my vacation day :)

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  1. I usually think you make sense, but I am so lost on the Facebook thing right now! :)