Waxing, to wax or not to wax...

Want to know one thing that is great about pain pills? Other than the pain reducer from my surgery symptoms?

You can wax your armpits, and it does not hurt.

You see, I have been growing a forest under my arm's. Not really on purpose, but not unintentional either.

Shaving my underarm's just has not been a priority in my life. Not something that I think about a lot. Since it is COLD here in Minnesota. Not too many people have seen my underarms.

Well except for when I went to Target on Sunday with my mom and I was having hot flashes, and had on a sweater and took it off, and then the underarm's were there for all to see. Hairyness and all.

But the moral of this story is, my mom waxed my armpits for me this afternoon, and it didn't hurt at all. And now I am HAIRFREE. Just in time for my vacation to New Mexico, where it better be warm or I will be unhappy. Very unhappy.

Me and my fat clothes (surgery makes pants hard to wear) will be going to New Mexico, for a vacation/work retreat, and I bet my husband is happy that I am no longer a hairy hippy too :)


  1. I'm going to take your word for it. Waxing armpits just sounds painful!

  2. That is so funny! I have to agree with SIF though, sounds soooo painful!

    Hope you have a wonderful time on vacation!