I went on vacation, and I had Cankles *fat ankles....ya know* all weekend

That is not ALL that happened on vacation/work retreat, but all I have time to talk about right now. I will update later with the really exciting parts of the trip later, that is if you think that Cankles are NOT exciting....Now who in their right mind would think that they were not? Beat's me....

See, we were in Santa Fe New Mexico. Not to be confused with Old Mexico, or Mexico where you need a passport (which this lady does not posesses at this point and time in her life, *tear*

Who knew that Santa Fe was 5 million miles above the sea level, that I lived so comfortably at for 18 years of my life? Well I didn't. And my body was NOT pleased about this elevation. So the cankles arrived, and didn't want to leave.

Elevation and I, one week post surgery I must mention, didn't get along so well. Gosh I ran outta breath walking up stairs. And did you know that you have to drink enough water to keep hydrated that you pee EVERY 10 seconds? Well I didn't know that either.

Picture overweight already, fatty me....with Cankles and my new favorite blue velour pants...(because that is what I have been wearing non stop since surgery) on vacation/work retreat with the boss, his wife and my two coworkers and their husbands. GOOD TIME.

Okay I know that I am being a scarastic ass, and I don't mean to be. This vacation was AWESOME. I promise. Minus the Elevation, peeing non-stop and Cankles I had a GREAT time. I will post pictures, and all that good stuff later. But now, since i was gone for 2 work days. I MUST get back to work.

Peace, Love and Monday....

PS. Kate my love, your songs are the ONLY thing keeping me sane today, Just FYI. Love you Lady. You are the BEST!!!


  1. I love Santa Fe. Cankles eh? I bet you still look adorable. I live in Colorado so maybe I have permanent cankles. I don't know. Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Oh Santa Fe is one of the places on my Must See list! But I had know idea cankles were part of the deal.
    Hope all that peeing makes the swelling go down;)