It has been incredibly warm here in Minnesota the past few days. Yes, "Warm" is a relative term, and it means that it is above freezing.

The snow has started to melt at a fast speed. I am too scared to go down to the basement and check to see if it is leaking into our lower level. I will leave that for Dru's list tomorrow when he has the day off. I am a nice wife like that. And I just don't feel like knowing about or dealing with a mess that large at the moment. I am currently in a lot of pain. Pain that seems to engulf the whole right side of my abdomen. If you are thinking appendix, don't! Remember that was removed in July? When my appendix decided to hate me. It is related to the disease that is probably invading my body as I write this. Endo is a bitch. I am unmedicated in endo related ways, and have been since August. Which means that I am probably just letting this bitch of a disease invade my body. But there is nothing that I can do at this point. I am at a loss. Acupuncture started yesterday and I am hoping that it will provide me with some relief. But tonight I am done. Done and sick and tired of feeling this way.

So I leave you with this. A view of the dirty street outside of my house. Melting snow means dirty snow. Dirt and more dirt along with the cold white stuff that I can't wait to melt fully.

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  1. Oh how I hates spring thaw. BUT - not as much as I hate endo! I'm so sorry you're in pain friend! It just makes me SO angry! Here's to hoping that you find as much good with acupuncture as I have!