I am a true Minnesotan now

Many of you have heard me bitch and complain about the winter here in Minnesota and my aversion to leaving the house in any type of winter weather.

I am proud to announce that I have appointed myself a true Minnesotan. I also had my introduction deemed appropriate by a friend who is actually a true Minnesotan via Facebook. She told me that normally you cannot actually appoint yourself but a Minnesotan needs to in fact let you know you have reached this status (thanks Dianne). We are thinking that a ceremony might be in order, one that most certainty includes wine, since that is how we do it in our group of friends J

Let me tell you a little story about yesterday. It was snowing…Really snowing. We received no less than a foot of snow between Sunday and Monday and I had an appointment that I needed to get to. I normally would cancel such appointments to not have to venture out, but Acupuncture has benefited me in more ways that I have ever thought possible in the past week that I just couldn’t cancel. I had to make the 15 minute drive to my appointment. I just HAD to do it. I could do it, right? No problem. I gave myself a good ½ hour of driving time to account for the snow that was falling and bad roads and I was on my way.
Driving in the snow-Notice the Flashing Lights? Someone ended up in the ditch, and it wasn't me!

I powered through the snow that was in my driveway. Shoveling just didn’t seem like a great idea to me, since it was still snowing and I knew that it wouldn’t affect my arrival back home to be snow free. I put the car into low. Really low was necessary for such an adventure. There was snow covering everything. The roads were awful, and I was just hoping and praying that I wouldn’t hit a red light on my way. Stopping and then going again are not my best skill in the snow.
My driveway and the swerving it took to safely get up to my garage. 

Did I mention that I have only ventured out once before in the snow on my own? This was in fact the second time I decided to drive somewhere in my 2 winters living in Minnesota. I just don’t do it. It is not safe for me or others.

I made it safely to my appointment. Not stress free, but safe. I was nervous about the drive home, in fact I was even more nervous that my car would be stuck in the spot that I parked it for the appointment. I didn’t think that I was going to get out of there without pushing. I am not a princess, but the idea of pushing my car out of a snow bank just isn’t appealing. It is more of a man’s job if you ask me…

My acupuncturist is the sweetest girl ever (I will post about my love for this treatment in the next few days) and she wanted to make sure that I would be done and out the door driving before it got dark. They actually closed after my appointment and went home themselves. It was a bad storm, not fun.

I obviously made it home. It took forever and I saw a few cars in the ditch, and even managed to take some photos of my introduction to being a true Minnesotan. Yes, driving and taking pictures in a snow storm isn’t safe, I realize that. But I had to document my adventure for your viewing enjoyment. And to prove that I actually did it, these days no one believes you unless you have photo proof!


  1. I hate driving in the snow and will only do it if I absolutely have to, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...

  2. Is Minnesota snow different than Tahoe snow? If not, then I've driven in the snow more than you in the past two years, and I don't even live in the snow. Silly girl. Anyway, I'm proud of you!