The BEST Winter activity EVER

Never once in my life did I think that I would be driving on a frozen lake to sit in a house with holes drilled in the ice in search of fish....

The road on the lake...It was a warm day and the water puddles had me a little concerned. 

This was my reality yesterday and I had the MOST fun ever. Ice fishing is awesome. We drove out to the lake on one of the most beautiful winter days in Minnesota. I was actually warm in my long undies, jeans, vest and North Face jacket. Too warm almost. The sky was blue and beautiful and our ice house was warm and waiting for us.

Our fish house...#6
The house had 6 holes that were drilled deep into the ice ready for us. Carpet, a heater, benches, lights. Seriously the works. Everything except for a bathroom, which is what the great outdoors are for. Cool fact-when you pee on a frozen lake a hole forms because your pee is warmer than the ice. Good thing the ice was over a foot thick, because I was drinking wine and once the seal was broken, peeing on the frozen lake was a constant action throughout the day/night.

This was my hole. I caught a few fish but if you stare down into the frozen lake for too long you start to go crazy.
Ice fishing is so much fun, but what is fishing without catching fish? So without further anticipation I give you the BEST part of the day.....

If you are brave enough to come visit Dru and I in the wintertime. We just might take you ice fishing :)

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