What the What?

Death and Taxes, or something like that. Isn't that the saying? Well I have found out recently that we might owe a shit load in taxes this year and I am cursing being an adult. Wondering why Stan and Molly don't equal very large deductions and wondering when the hell I became an adult.

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I would like to take some of it back. The parts where I pay taxes instead of get refunds that I go shopping with, or how about paying a mortgage-no thank you I take that back too, or working day in and day out with responsibilities, or paying for my own gas? Yes that last one sucks more than I would have ever thought.

Daddy can I have my gas cards back pretty please? I won't share with "the bearded one" I promise. You won't even notice, I don't go that many places, but now that I am a true Minnesotan that might change, so I take back that promise. I'll look for the cards to arrive in the mail. Thanks and Love.

Also, insurance...Yes I am frustrated with insurance and not in the way that many would guess. After having 3 surgeries last year and paying next to nothing for all of them (we usually have great insurance benefits) I am left stunned and confused and somewhat pissed that they don't get it. I have called my insurance company more than once. Actually talked to someone more than 4 times, and I am getting the run around. For acupuncture benefits non the less. The ONLY thing that actually seems to work and make me feel like a normal person, and my insurance doesn't want to cover it. Or out of network and some crap like that applies.

Seriously? I can go to the "Dr." yes I put it in quotes, because I haven't had that great of luck with Dr's in the past and they seem to just prescribe drugs and send me on my way and don't follow through with anything, for $15 co pay and pay nothing for all the tests and crap that find nothing and drugs that do nothing...And you want me to pay $200 for one acupuncture treatment. Where I put nothing horrible in my body and the healing powers work, and I feel great and my body responds?

Seems backwards if you ask me. Very, very backwards. And I have been on the phone again with the representative (she was pretty chatty if you ask me, for someone who couldn't help my situation and kept telling me to call back at 8am) this morning to get it figured out.

I go to acupuncture again tonight for my miracle treatment and I would love to get this resolved before then. So Insurance company if you are listening...I would like to pay the normal $15 co pay each time I see my acupuncturist since I have a feeling I will be going each and every week. Please and thank you. Lets get this figured out soon.

*Update* I talked to another representative from the insurance company this morning. Who has now informed me that acupuncture is indeed covered, with a $15 co-pay...I'm not sure if I believe her, but we will see. I am tempted to call back and talk to someone else just to see if their stories match up.

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  1. I hate paying taxes as well, but my dad pointed out to me that the little bit you pay or get back when you file your taxes isn't what sucks. You have to look at all the money that you've paid in taxes each month of the year - that's where they're really getting you. (I believe in taxes because we need them, but it really sucks paying them!)