A New Woman

I think that I have turned the corner from my former self just a few months ago into a new woman. Seriously I couldn’t feel better right now, motivation is present and I am kicking ass and taking names.

This morning I didn’t have any creamer for my coffee. I can’t drink coffee without creamer or milk or something to make it taste a little girly. Just can’t do it. So I got my big girl pants on (jeans) and drove to the store before 8am. I left my house all by myself and did something that just a few months ago I probably would have wined and let put me in a funk all day.

I have been working, like really working hard and focusing on things that need to get done. I sit in my new office about 10 hours a day recently and get things done. Yes I still walk to the kitchen if I need a snack and have to kick a kitty out of my office more than I would like. But I have made it. I am in a groove, this feels good.

Today I visit my headshrink. Did I forget to tell you that I go to therapy? Seriously don’t judge, she is awesome and “everyone needs somebody sometimes”. She also works about an hour from my house which means I have to leave, rearrange my schedule and I get to go to Trader Joe’s on my adventure. It’s not snowing, thankfully! But we all know that I am a true Minnesotan now, so a little snow wouldn’t matter.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with my acupuncturist, and I will write about her probably afterwards. I LOVE her and the therapy that she is providing for me. Acupuncture is the most awesome thing ever! Promise. I am a huge advocate and in love with my new therapy of acupuncture.

Happy Hump Day!

PS. A very thoughtful reader pointed out to me that the “Mount Me” quote that I couldn’t get out of my head during last Fridays FQF was from “Varsity Blues” J Thanks Lacey


  1. My favorite part was, "big girl pants on (jeans)". hahaha!... Anyway, Coy also sees a shrink. He only goes once a year to check in and get his prescription refilled for his anxiety... He strongly feels everyone should go because "everyone has something they could talk about"... Have a great day!

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