Does your husband still think you are pretty?

Last night I went to the "wild game" feed here in town to volunteer. This involved passing out appetizers on a plate with a friend. We were in charge of the deviled quail eggs. They were the cutest little eggs, that probably took a lot of time to make. Imagine peeling tiny little eggs, and then cutting them perfectly in half, and scooping out a very small amount of insides to assemble deviled eggs. A lot of work if you ask me! But we were in charge of passing them out. Not too bad, and they were actually really yummy.

But the highlight of the night was when I returned home 5 or so hours later. Dru had went to the dinner to meet and mingle with another husband. He sat and ate and didn't win any of the drawings that he had entered. But I think that he had a good night.

When I returned home, he said one simple thing that made my night. "You were the hottest woman there, by far"....This made me feel good. Made me realize that he still notices me some 10 years later, and is still attracted to me. I still "have it"...

Now if only he would get rid of that creature that he is growing on his face he calls a beard. It is icky if you ask me. Something that I don't even want to get close to. It itches, and it too mountain man for me. I am more of a clean cut type of gal. I like my men groomed, shaved and clean. So honey, if you are listening. You are still sexy as well....once you shave that thing off we can talk about the cute new little panties that I got from VS last week :)


  1. Bow chicka wah wah!!

    Do we get pics of you and your new VS panties? Me-ow!

  2. Ok, I still think my wife is hot and sexy. She gets so mad at me sometimes cause I am all over her. But seriously, I told her the other day "Im think your hot and I am not going to be sorry for always wanting to do you"

    Being hot and sexy is more than looking the part. The way she handles the kids. Hot. The way she controls the house. Hot. The was she never lets her spirit get down...M-Fing Hot.

    Its nice that Dru said that to you. You should ask him what he finds hot about you, or what makes you pretty.