Valentine's Day at Casa Erin & Dru

Valentine's Day is just another day here at our house. Yes cards were exchanged and my "Jumbo Pencil" sits beside me as I work-as does a heart shaped box of chocolates that we all know who is going to eat them anyways (Dru if you are wondering)....

But it makes me think. Why do people feel the need to go all out to celebrate this day of love? If you love someone shouldn't you show that love each and every day? I think that love should be present no matter what day it is.

But Dru, if you are reading this, the BEST Valentine's Day present you could still get for me is to SHAVE YOUR BEARD because you really do look like Mitchell....And unless you want me to turn into Cameron........

Thanks ABC/Google Images

Thats all. Happy Valentine's Day to each and everyone of you. I will update you on the beard situation as it progresses. But I am not going to hold my breath.


  1. LOL!! That Valentine's Day wish totally made my day. Hilarious! Good luck with that... haha

  2. Oh man, making him shave the beard....Wow, I wonder if he is gonna go for it.

  3. This makes me think I should send you a pack of bubble gum...you know, for a bubble in the beard kind of accident. Or running and tripping with duct tape in his general direction might help. Then he'd have no choice.