Where I still have no real answers

The insurance drama continued today. I still don't have a clear answer from my insurance carrier about getting my acupuncture covered the way I want it to be.

I wish that I could pull a Dooce and bitch and complain and then make millions in Blogging but I don't think I am that cool, and I don't really know if complaining about health care is a good idea since I am happy that I at least have coverage when many people don't.....But I am still pissed.

Remember last week when I said that I finally talked to someone and that my insurance should cover my treatments at the normal $15 co-pay? Well that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I decided to talk to my insurance again today just to confirm what I thought to be true. And I was told another "fact" as this man kept on referring to his knowledge of my plan benefits.

I was livid. I even told him that it was "FUCKING RIDICULOUS" and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I didn't hold my cool very well, and I don't think that I should have. I was getting the run around yet again and I just wanted a clear answer. I then explained to the man that I know that it wasn't his fault but I wanted a clear answer and direction. I didn't want to be told another "fact" without hanging up the phone and knowing that in fact what he was saying probably wasn't true.

So now it stands that the nice OBGYN who is in fact considered an "in network" Dr. has to call my insurance and refer my acupuncturist. Yes someone else holds my fate yet again, I can't do anything to fix it except tell my Dr. that I need him to call and refer someone else who is able to help me. Seems like a weird cycle if you ask me, but he has agreed to call and also write a letter so something is in writing. This won't happen until Wednesday when the nurse is back in the office, but you better bet that I will check back in on Thursday to confirm what I have been told is "fact" and will indeed secure my $15 co-pay for the treatment that I really need.

Until then we wait.....


  1. Ugh. You're right... it is ridiculous. Good luck.

  2. It is so freakin ridiculous. I hate getting a new Rx cause I know I'll hafta fight for it. It's not like I want to hurt or feel like crap in the first place.

    Sooooo not bitter.