When I get myself a boyfriend

Today I have decided that I need a boyfriend.......

I love Dru, don't get me wrong. But I last saw him at 5:50am this morning when I had to pee and he was getting ready to leave the house for the day. He had to work and is then hanging out with a friend this evening.

Which leaves me with a problem, a problem that getting a boyfriend could solve.

No I'm not in need of sex or anything like that you sick perverts.

I need to go do things today and I can't get out of the garage. My driveway is covered in snow and I am quite frankly to damn lazy to put on my snow gear and shovel the whole thing. It would take probably over an hour since I can't get the snow blower back up the steep driveway once I get it down. So shoveling is the option that I have.

I don't want to shovel. This storm was brutal. Did you hear the roof at the metrodome caved in? See people, BRUTAL.

Maybe that means I can find myself a rich boyfriend who plays for the Vikings, since they are not playing today or probably even tomorrow. Dru might be okay with my boyfriend being a professional football player? Don't you think?

I love you honey, but if you get home this evening and are reading this and I am not here in the warmth of our home it means 1 of 2 things.

1. I got myself a sexy hott boyfriend who plays professional football to be my slave and I have gone shopping.

2. I decided I couldn't get a boyfriend since I haven't "dated" since I was 15 years old (yes this is YOUR fault) and I walked to Target and am now a frozen ice statue somewhere along the highway. Please come find me.


  1. Seriously, you really only need a wife!

  2. Mother this comment does not make sense unless you are a lesbian and I don't know about it? Please explain. Love your daughter Erin.

  3. guess you haven't been married long enough to get it... A wife is the one who does it all... so every wife needs a wife also. would ya really want another man around??? one is enough. Love ya Mom..

  4. I was going to suggest a battery operated version, but I don't think that would shovel the snow! :)

  5. If he gets home and finds this...
    A. He will not care if you ran off with a football player

    B. He wont come looking for you on the highway, thats crazy, its freezing out there

    C. What better time to pop open a beer and relax in the peace