Dear Designer Jeans

To all the really expensive jeans in my closet:

This is an open letter to all of you. Yes even you the smallest pair in there (you know who you are)...We are going to be friends again.

I have put each and every pair of you on this evening, and you button. You fit. You actually look good. I am no longer that fat girl who has 2 pair of jeans that she can wear.

Yes I know that I still live in the humid hell that is Minnesota, but tonight is different. Tonight is slightly breezy and cool. Tonight I even considered something other than a bathing suit to go out in.

Jeans, you and I can be friends. Do not be scared. The fact that I spent hundreds of dollars on you and was ready to throw you all away when I became the fat kid last year after I got married, is merely an overlooked few months (or 9 months, but who is counting)?

So this is my open letter to you, all the clothes in my closet. I will wear you all, and look damn good while doing so.

Respectfully yours,


  1. I love you!! And I love the fact that this post has (more) proper grammar and spelling ;)

  2. You are so cute. Love ya and your Blogs and words makes me feel close to ya miss ya Mom!!!proud of ya for getting back into those jeans good job.....

  3. That's so awesome!!! Congrats!!!