Friendships that last

I was always the type of girl that though of myself as independent. I never "needed" friends to validate my own life. I tried to go with the flow. Yes I got my feelings hurt by girls when I was young. But I was always a pretty strong person, who went about life with a feeling of independence and getting what I wanted.

I would get something in my sights and make a decision that I was going to do it, and there it was. I decided that I was going to be an exchange student on a whim. I filled out the application with thoughts of where I would go in the world for my Junior year of high school. An impending dread of being away from family and friends really never crossed my mind. I was going to do it. I would live with a new family for a year and experience things that I never even thought possible. I was accepted into the program and started planning my journey. I got to pick where I was to go, and since anywhere the middle east was out due to the war in Iraq that had just started. I decided on Sweden. Where there were pretty blondes and snow.

I had just started dating the man that I now call my husband. We were in the new phase of our relationship at the time that I was accepted into the program. I learned that I had to go on a ski trip during the winter dance at our school. The dance that we were going to go to together. This was heartbreaking to me. I wanted to go to this dance. I didn't want to go ski with people I didn't even know. And I don't even like snow (ironic since I was going to Sweden for a year don't you think)? But I broke the news to him. I remember we were sitting in the back room at my house,  I think that it was my moms sewing room at this time. We were sitting on the couch, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was elated. I was sad that I could not go to the dance, but happy to know that I was his girlfriend.

So to make a really long story shorter. We are now married. I still look back on the decision to go on my ski trip, and exchange program a great decision. Something that I will never regret. Something that even now makes my independence stronger. I was a strong woman, I was going to live halfway across the world from friends, family and now a boyfriend. And it was awesome. Something I don't regret one bit. When I was gone I talked to Dru on the phone a lot. He has the phone cards still to prove it. I talked to my family a lot too, but friends not to much. Facebook was not invented when I was gone. It was harder to keep in touch then. But I returned and still remained friends with the people I had left. It was as if nothing had changed.

Yes I was a changed person, yet friendships were still there. After being gone for 10 months, I was able to step back into my old life and remain friends with many wonderful great women. A few of which were part of our wedding last year.

And this is what hit me today. Great friendships can stand the test of time. I have had the chance to get to speak to a few great girlfriends this past week, that I haven't been able to connect with for almost a month. I live across the country. I have not seen many people since the wedding last year. Yet we still talk on the phone. Not as often as I would hope. Yet things are still the same. Stories are shared, sometimes tears are shed, but we are still friends no matter what. I relish in the time that we get to chat, the stories that we tell. I love seeing facebook pictures of them and the most recent happenings in their lives. But nothing is the same as a phone call, reconnecting.

I am so grateful for the great friends that I have. The different lives that we all lead, yet we will always be friends.

Kristen I know that you don't read this as often as you did when you sat at a desk and had time for the internet, and Reem I know that you are on an adventure this weekend (which always seems to be the case :) But girls I love you. I love that you fit into my life so perfectly even when way too much time has passed without a phone call. And WAY to much time has passed since a face to face visit. But I love you, and thanks for being such great friends!


  1. Whar a beautiful post. It is so true, when you find true girlfriends it doesn't matter how ofen you see them...you can just step bak into that easy rhthym of true BFF.
    I'm seeing my University roomies next weekend. We see each other 1 time a year! Can't wait:)

  2. So true my dear daughter... Your dad & I just visted with college friend last weekend. The one couple we just saw a year ago at your wedding and then Julie whom I haden't seen in way to long but they are always close in your thought and heart. So after 30 some odd years we are still friends & and I wish the same for you and your friends... love ya mom.

  3. The friendships that never change no matter how much time or distance are in between you are the ones that mean the most to me... It really is a beautiful thing that we can have friends who will always be there, no matter what else has happened!

  4. It sounds like you have some great friends. It's a testament to them but it's also a testament to YOU. You are an amazing person and a beautiful, independent woman!

  5. Wow, great post! And how true it is about friendships!

  6. Aww Erin! What a touching post. I feel the same way about you and Kristen! Its crazy how the 3 of us are on such different paths at the moment but I still feel so lucky and so connected with you no matter how much time passes or things change. I really enjoyed catching up with you last week and love you so much!!!