The Freeway is CLOSED????

I am back in Minnesota, in my own house, thankful for the things that are back to the same. I missed my husband and kitties when I was away. Home is where the heart is, isn't that the saying?

Well some things I am thankful for. But others, made my life interesting to say the least last night.

I have never said that I am a great driver. I am sure that I have never said that statement out loud, or on this blog, because it would be a flat out lie.

I don't follow the rules when driving, speed limits are a suggestion if you ask me. Which is probably why I got a speeding ticket a month or two after my 16th birthday. I was cruising down the little hwy back home after work in my tractor (Mercedes Diesel, which my roommates in SLO named "the tractor") at some ungodly speed, over the railroad tracks when I received my first and ONLY speeding ticket. I say only because I am more careful and don't get caught now. And that CHP officer was a dick if you ask me *or my father, because I am pretty sure he has received a ticket from the same officer*....

Anyways, sorry for outing you too Dad. Not the point of this.

When I was leaving the airport last night, after I paid $52 dollars for parking which if you ask me is OUTRAGEOUS, and the machine didn't even print out my receipt that I need to send to my boss for my expense report.....I noticed that the 495W was closed. Don't know what the 494W is? Well it is the freeway that I need to take from the airport to get me home to my family. But there was a detour. Not open, do not pass go or collect $200 dollars type of situation.

Well I had no other choice but to use this detour. I didn't know any other special route, I am not from here originally. I don't know how to get places. Didn't you see the statement earlier that I am not a good driver?

Following a detour should be simple, right? Not too hard, just follow the signs and poof I should end up somewhere on the 494W?

Well, lets just say that this task was not that easy for a great driver such as myself.

I ended up in the GHETTO of Minneapolis. Not kidding you. I put my windows up, locked my doors and then decided to plug my GPS in.

Why wasn't the trusty GPS plugged in already you ask? Well for the simple fact that a detour should be EASY. Where is the easy button from staples when I need it?

Obviously I survived. I am home. But I got my taste of some sort of ghetto last night. And now I know why there are shootings and murders on the news each and every night.

Just thankful that I am not on the News tonight. As the most recent homicide in the wonderful city of Minneapolis.

Everyone have a great weekend. And look for a post about a super exciting recipe contest that I am going to ask you all to participate in. Just watching some great videos and voting-nothing too hard I promise! But it is a great way to support some fellow bloggers that I love.

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