So our team and the "Silver Fox" just could not do it last night. The Vikings will not be going to the superbowl.

I am not usually into football, but I did have a good time watching the game last night. I don't think that I have had jello shots since a college party that was so fun that I don't remember it....

I am ready for baseball season. Not saying that I am actually a baseball fan, but at least you can get a tan watching those games. And I happen to understand the game of baseball a lot more than I do football. Maybe that it because as far back as I can remember I went to baseball game after baseball game for my brother??? Could be the reason. So I am ready for the season, spring that is!

Sleep has been something that has been cut short the past few days, due to one small furry animal, STAN. He wakes up WAY too early, and is not very tip toe quiet. He actually sounds like an elephant and I am pretty sure that elephants way much more than 1lb. But Stan is VERY loud in the mornings.

I baked yesterday. I felt so domestic, and I made banana bread. Cleaning out our fridge (another domestic task), there were some bananas that had lived past their lifespan. I decided to make some banana bread. It actually turned out yummy and my husband liked it so that is always a plus.

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