When you think image, do you think of a photo, or a person? People have an image to uphold, well according to the news, and people watching other people there is an image.

Who chooses that image, and is able to say when it is going in the wrong direction? Why can't people just be themselves, and then see what happens? I have always been a strong advocate for being myself and not taking shit or kissing up to people for "image". Sometimes this might get me in "trouble" but in trouble with who? Most definitely not myself. I don't care, I am me and like me or not but I am still going to be me.

So this whole topic came up watching Tiger Woods on the news this morning. If the man wants to pose shirtless on a magazine because his wife is taking a lot of his money because he is a cheater. Then so be it. Let him be. He made his bad choices, and now must live the consequences. But why do we f'n care?

On to real life. It is Tuesday again. THANK GOD, that means half price tanning, and wow do I feel white. And I am getting my bangs trimmed. Going to be a good day. Productive, cold but a good day.

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