Have I outed myself?

So yesterday when I was lurking on the internet I found a fellow Women of Today members (O mighty El Presidente) Blog. Hi Lisa!
So when I ran into her last night I told her about finding her blog and I told her that I had one too....Was that a mistake? I don't think so, but she might think that I am crazy. Or more crazy than she already thought that I was. But thats okay, we all have quirks...

So anyways, it is friday. I am more than excited that it is the weekend for a number of reasons.

1. I can not seem to be productive for more than an hour at a time this week to save my life. ADD anyone?

2. Who does not love getting to sleep in?

3. It is warmer than it has been in a while, and well even though that does not mean that I will necessarily go out and play in the snow, still warmth is a good thing :)

4. Dru has the weekend off. That does not mean that I will be doing any of his suggested activities.....Camping??? Come on Honey for reals? Its f'n January. No thank You! But still nice to have my honey home even if we (he) do have to get up to feed that monster cat of ours and then go back to bed to sleep in :)

5. I only work Mon-Fri.....Nough Said....

So that is my list of why I am happy that it is Friday. Just so you knew that I was happy.

And I have started lifting weights when on conference calls, multitasking at its best :)

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