Where I grew up it rained a lot. Or it seemed that way to me. I am not a big fan of the wet stuff that falls out of the sky.

Are you getting the feeling that I only like warm weather? Because that it basically true. I am a sun person. I love to be tan. I love to read books and sun my body. I don't like cold, wet, or icy....

It is raining here in the frozen tundra. Stan and I are writing this blog post from the warmth of our home. Actually, Stan is biting me as I write, and making it nearly impossible. And he is farting. Stinky kitty farts. Not cool. He keeps jumping on the keyboard.

Stan and I were supposed to go to the vet this morning. We opted out. Too icy. Didn't want to risk our lives, just so we could go to the kitty dr. Guess I will have to live with a farting kitty until Monday. He seems happy and healthy except for the farting so I guess that is a good thing.

So I found plane tickets to the home town for around 200. That is CHEAP. Debating going home for the weekend next weekend. But do I trust Dru to kittysit, and hold down the fort w/out me. And I don't really like flying. I will keep you updated.

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